Thursday, August 21, 2014

Consider the Skilled Workforce Initiatives put forth by AME

Creating a stronger skilled workforce in America will enable more reshoring. Please see AME's suggestions on the subject by downloading the PDF, or reading below:

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Making “Made in the USA” a reality!

To remain relevant as a manufacturing powerhouse, America needs a concerted effort between public educational system, government agencies, and business leaders for the revitalization of manufacturing to occur.  AME Executive Board is proposing a comprehensive plan formulated to shape the future of manufacturing workforce through knowledge and skills development that will help energize America’s economy.

To address the need for this revitalization of the manufacturing sector the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) has adopted a new vision for “A Manufacturing Renaissance driven by People Centric Leadership coupled with Enterprise Excellence.”  AME has aligned its strategic initiatives to address the challenges facing a manufacturing and educational renaissance.  The public agrees manufacturing is critical to reviving the economy, but they would not recommend manufacturing jobs to their sons and daughters.  Thus, one of AME’s Key Result Areas (KRA) is to get parents, schools and students to accept "Manufacturing as a Desirable Career Path”.

To assist in creating the awareness of the need for more career-ready citizens and the opportunities for high pay jobs in advanced technology, logistics, and manufacturing, AME has endorsed the following initiatives:

  1. Reach out to high schools, community colleges and universities to promote Career-Technical Education (CTE) and career pathways programs through the Adopt-a-School Program.
  2. Establishment of a scholarship program that supports and promotes manufacturing as a career path by providing scholarship opportunities for manufacturing career-minded individuals. 
  3. Provide sponsorship for Manufacturing Day which provides manufacturers with an opportunity to tell their company’s story, dispel outdated myths about manufacturing, inspire a new generation of manufacturers, and engage in a collective impact in their community.
  4. Train employers on how to recruit and train our nation’s veterans to be future LEAN leaders with AME's Values Veterans program.
These initiatives will support the revitalization of manufacturing by re-energizing a world class educational and training system to lead in the designing and building things at home. Together, we can help spark a revitalization of U.S.-based manufacturing.  Companies like Walmart’s are engaged in growing U.S. manufacturing to encourage the creation of U.S. jobs.  For more information on these initiatives contact the Director of Education & Training or go to the Education & Training portal for details.

We are asking every AME board member, corporate and individual member to adopt a school, hold a MFG Day event, and hire our heroes at their organization. Your actions will bring your community, businesses, and citizens together to support the infusing of career-ready citizen’s into the workforce and/or colleges which in turn will provides a higher standard of living and quality of life for all. Making “Made in the USA” a reality, again! 

Share, Learn, and Grow with AME!

Dale N. Gehring
Association for Manufacturing Excellence

Paul G. Kuchuris, Jr.
Association for Manufacturing Excellence

Glenn Marshall
Chair, AME - KRA
Manufacturing as a Desirable Career Path

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