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Reshoring Initiative December 2014 Newsletter

Help Us Usher in the New Year by Refining the Reshoring Database!

Call to Companies

Early next year, we will be publishing large portions of our data on manufacturing returning to North America, providing more accurate insights to the breadth and progress of the reshoring trend. We need your help to refine our database, which contains all companies, including OEM’s and suppliers, reported as having reshored, kept from offshoring, or foreign direct invested (FDI: foreign companies investing in the U.S.) These are broadly defined at the linked site: The Reshoring Initiative Blog: MASTER LIST OF RESHORED COMPANIES.

If your company has brought to North America any work, products, components, tools, etc., please check our list and update the data on your company or direct us to someone who could do so. Or, if your company is not listed, find out more here about how to add your information to the database. We would love to hear from you.

In the News

One major trajectory of the trend is the expansion of international reshoring efforts. We recently compared notes with Janice Munday, Director, Advanced Manufacturing and Services (BIS) and Co-Chair of ReshoreUK, and Richard Colley, Reshoring and Business Investment, Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS). The U.K. faces many of the same reshoring issues that we do in the U.S., but appears to be taking a more proactive approach to getting work back. We urge the U.S. to implement our Reshoring Recommendations to match or exceed the U.K.’s commitment to economic growth via reshoring.
To learn more about what the U.K. is doing, read the following speeches on the subject:

Find out more on UK, European and Taiwanese reshoring in our blog on International Reshoring Update.

Festo, Tesla and Boeing Tango with the Skills Gap.
Skills training initiatives continue to evolve, but gaps remain. How will government and community colleges respond to help fill the skills gap in large reshoring cases such as Tesla, which will provide 6500 new jobs in Nevada, and Boeing, which will add 1000 jobs in Utah? Read more:

Stay Alert to the Dangers of Offshoring: Risks = Costs
See the latest on offshore risk assessment: The Risks of Offshoring: A Multi-Faceted Perspective.

More Support for Reshoring
Congratulations to Rosemary Coates on the successful launch of the Reshoring Institute. The Institute (not to be confused with the Reshoring Initiative) offers expert guidance on how to successfully reshore. We are delighted to have another organization and resource driving the cause!

Walmart’s Reshoring Initiative Under Way
Walmart’s U.S. Manufacturing program continues to gain momentum. A recent MASSMEP Newsletter contained a great summary of the program. We encourage companies that have Made in USA products or could decide to bring manufacturing back to contact Walmart. Go to Jobs in U.S. Manufacturing Portal (JUMP), and keep us informed of your success.

Reshoring Initiative Resources

Thanks to all our supporters, and especially to our Sponsors. Reshoring successes depend on your help.. Please consider posting a link to the Reshoring Initiative on your website, and/or donating your time, talent or dollars. You can download our logo at the website. Contact us for more information on how you can help or how the Initiative can help you.

Happy Holidays from the Reshoring Initiative!

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Millar Kelley – Newsletter Editor and Research Analyst

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Help Document the Return of Manufacturing to North America


In the last 5 years, has your company brought manufacturing from overseas to North America or decided to keep manufacturing here? If so, we would like to know about it. The Reshoring Initiative keeps track of all data involved in manufacturing trends related to reshoring both through our Library of published articles, and by talking to companies directly. All manufacturing qualifies: products, assemblies, components, tooling, etc.


Here is how to proceed:

  1. Read this Blog, then follow the link to MASTER LIST OF RESHORED COMPANIES belowTo date our list contains 800+ companies.
  2. If your company is listed, email us to request a spreadsheet of our record of all of your company’s data for you to review, edit and return. Please include your company name and detailed contact info.
  3. If your company is not on the list or you have additional cases at your company, click here to add your company to the database. Click the arrow icon to download, enter your data, save and email back to us. 
Companies that qualify:
  1. OEMs that bring back in-house manufacturing
  2. Suppliers that replace offshore suppliers
Where parent company is headquartered
Where the product has been produced
Where product will be produced
U.S., Canada or Mexico
Outside headquarters country
In the headquarters country
U.S., Canada or Mexico
Headquarters country
Headquarters country
KFO (Kept from Offshoring)
Any country other than the N. American country where it will be produced
Any country other than where it will be produced
In a N. American country
FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)

Not included: Expansion due to natural market growth. While this is also an important indicator of industry health, it is not within the scope of reshored production.

note:    FDI: Foreign Direct Investment,        KFO: Kept from Offshoring 


Why Participating is important

When other companies see your reshoring successes, it will encourage them to use TCO, which may lead to better sourcing decisions, growth in U.S. Manufacturing and American jobs and a better U.S. Economy.

Thank you for participating in our 2015 Reshoring Trends report!

Friday, December 12, 2014

International Reshoring Update

The recent uptick in international reshoring demonstrates the universality of reshoring logic: it makes sense to produce near the consumer. Other countries are finding different avenues of focus in their reshoring efforts, which we can learn from. See some examples below.

UK Reshoring
One major trajectory of the trend is the expansion of international reshoring efforts. We recently compared notes with Janice Munday, Director, Advanced Manufacturing and Services (BIS) and Co-Chair of ReshoreUK, and Richard Colley, Reshoring and Business Investment, Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS).  BIS reports to the Secretary of State of the U.K.  The U.K. faces many of the same reshoring issues that we do in the U.S., but appears to be taking a more proactive approach to bringing work back.  A joint government, industry team, the Automotive Council  has identified £3 billion/year of potential reshoring in the U.K., significantly due to supply chain gaps.  A concerted effort is underway to address this opportunity.  In the U.S. the government‘s reshoring efforts are primarily being implemented at the state level, missing the benefits of a national effort.
Relevant speeches on the subject include:

We do not know of any U.S. government officials with a similar aggressive focus on reshoring.  We urge the U.S. to match the U.K.’s commitment to economic growth via reshoring.

See also:

Eurozone Summary: 

Taiwanese manufacturers and others reshoring from China:

The Risks of Offshoring: Intellectual Property Theft

In an article in Supply Chain Management Review's July/August 2014 issue, researchers from Penn State's Center for Supply Chain Research outlined their study on counterfeiting. The article looks at the causes and consequences of counterfeiting, and at what companies can do, and are doing, to mitigate counterfeiting and its effects.

Intellectual property theft and counterfeiting are important risks—costs—to consider in any supply chain, especially a globalized one. It is a risk that can affect up- and down-chain businesses and ultimately end consumers: there are recent counterfeiting cases whose consequences have even been life threatening. Further, it is a TCO cost that can have negative repercussions on other variables, including by impacting innovation, quality, the image of the company, cost of replacement parts, and lead time, among others. Thus IP theft can have a cost-multiplying effect on your company’s TCO and is a serious risk of offshoring which needs to be identified and addressed rapidly and thoroughly.

The authors of the Penn State study provide several graphics demonstrating how counterfeits can arise and cause unnecessary costs and loss at various parts of the supply chain, laying out a useful basis to begin critically examining your own supply chain for counterfeit risk and potential IP theft cost.

Further, they provide a variety of proscriptions for combating counterfeiting in your own supply chain. The diagram below outlines how to combat counterfeiting in your own organization by working within the existing supply chain by boosting communication and accountability:

In addition to addressing potential problems within the existing supply chain, as the authors of the article suggest, IP theft can also be combatted by restructuring the supply chain to include lower-risk, onshore, local suppliers.

Only 8% of cases in the ReshoringInitiative’s library (as of August 2014) cite IP theft as a reason to reshore: this suggests there is a gap in awareness about how this issue can affect the bottom line, especially considering the potential cost consequences of IP theft risk in a global supply chain. A recent study from Kaspersky Lab found that 21% of businesses (about 20% of those surveyed were manufacturing firms) suffered some kind of intellectual property compromise or theft in the last year: IP theft can be financially and otherwise dire, but it is a risk that can be easily diminished or mitigated altogether by reconsidering the location and the constituents of your supply chain and by reconsidering its effects on your TCO.

The Risks of Offshoring: A Multi-Faceted Perspective

An article in the the November 2014 issue of Supply & Demand Chain Executive by IHS economist John Mothersole titled "Supply Chain Risk: How to Effectively Evaluate Sourcing Risks and Opportunities" reviewed the results of an IHS/Supply & Demand Chain Executive study on supply chain executives' perspectives on volatility and risk in their supply chains. The study found while 50% of respondents "view China as one of the most likely sources of volatility in their supply chains", 25% declared interest in expanding their supply chains in China in the future.

Master List of Companies Reshored, Kept from Offshoring, and FDI

Below is the complete list of all of the North American companies reported as having reshored, kept from offshoring, or foreign direct invested (FDI: foreign companies investing in N. America) 

In the interest of accuracy, we are calling on companies to confirm or edit, relevant to their company, our database, particularly the number of jobs involved -our primary measure of the strength of the trends.

Please contact us to:
1. Receive the complete data on your company for review. 
2. Obtain a form to submit data for a company or product not listed.
Contact the Reshoring Initiative for reshoring data form

Every data point counts in helping us better understand and document the reshoring trend. The best way to motivate the 1,000th company to reevaluate its offshoring is to show them the 999 that have already done so.  Our country needs your help!

Company Name Category
1888 Mills Reshoring
3D Robotics Reshoring
3M Reshoring Reshoring
9to5 Seating Reshoring
A-Power Energy Generation Systems Transplant
A123 Systems Kept from Offshoring
Acco Brands Reshoring
AccuRounds Reshoring
ACE Clearwater Enterprises Reshoring
Achronix Kept from Offshoring
Acme Wire Kept from Offshoring
Advanced Micro Devices Kept from Offshoring
AGCO Reshoring
Aichele Inc. Transplant
Airbus - AL Transplant
Airbus - OH Transplant
AirGuide Manufacturing - FL Reshoring
AirGuide Manufacturing - MS Reshoring
Airtex Design Group Reshoring
Alevo Transplant
Alita USA Holdings Transplant
All American Clothing Co. Kept from Offshoring
All-Clad Metalcrafters Reshoring
Allen Edmonds Kept from Offshoring
Allison Transmission Kept from Offshoring
Allison Transmission Reshoring
Alok Industries Transplant
Alorica Kept from Offshoring
Alpina Foods Transplant
Alpine Express Kept from Offshoring
Altera Reshoring
Altierre Digital Retail Reshoring
American Apparel Reshoring
American Giant Reshoring
American Home Manufacturing Reshoring
American Standard Brands Kept from Offshoring
American Yazaki Corporation Transplant
American Yuncheng Gravel Cylinder Transplant
AmFor Electronics Kept from Offshoring
Annelore Kept from Offshoring
Anton Alexander Kept from Offshoring
AO Eyewear Reshoring
Appalachian Flooring, Inc Transplant
Apple Reshoring
Aquateko Reshoring
ARCA Reshoring
Architec Housewares Kept from Offshoring
Arden Companies Reshoring
Argoz Reshoring
Armstrong World Industries Inc. Reshoring
Artaic Kept from Offshoring
Ashley Furniture Reshoring
AT&T Reshoring
August Kept from Offshoring
Aurora Metals Reshoring
Austin Manufacturing Systems Kept from Offshoring
Authentic Comfort Reshoring
Author Solutions Reshoring
Autoline Industries Transplant
Avago Technologies Kept from Offshoring
Avian Group Transplant
Aviation Partners Group Kept from Offshoring
Axenics Reshoring
B. Braun Medical Inc. Reshoring
Bailey Hydropower Reshoring
Baker-Hughes Oilfield Operations Inc. Kept from Offshoring
Balluff, Inc. Transplant
Barn Light Electric Kept from Offshoring
BASF Transplant
Bauer Pottery Company Kept from Offshoring
Bayer Kept from Offshoring
Beaudet Aviation Transplant
Beaulieu International Group Transplant
Benteler Steel/Tube Transplant
Berner International Kept from Offshoring
Bertolini Corporation, Inc. Kept from Offshoring
Beyond Clothing Kept from Offshoring
Biotrial S.A. Transplant
BIOX Corporation Transplant
Bison Gear & Engineering Corp. Reshoring
Black Hills IP - MN Kept from Offshoring
Black Hills IP - SD Kept from Offshoring
BMW - Mexico Transplant
BMW - SC Transplant
BMW - SC Transplant
BMW - WA Transplant
Boathouse Sports Kept from Offshoring
Bob's Design Engineering/BDE Manufacturing Tech Reshoring
Bodine Aluminum - MO Kept from Offshoring
Bodine Aluminum - TN Kept from Offshoring
Boeing - MT Reshoring
Boeing - SC Reshoring
Boeing - WA Reshoring
Bonfiglioli Transplant
Bosca Reshoring
Bosch Rexroth Kept from Offshoring
Bow & Drape Kept from Offshoring
Brace Pharmaceuticals Transplant
Bradshaw Kirchofer Kept from Offshoring
Brammo Inc. Reshoring
Brembo Transplant
Bridgestone Transplant
Brillcast Inc. Reshoring
Britax Child Safety Inc. Transplant
Brooks Bros. - MA Reshoring
Brooks Bros. - NC Reshoring
Brooks Bros. - NY Reshoring
Buck Co. Reshoring
Buck Knives Kept from Offshoring
Bulldog LED Lighting Kept from Offshoring
BuzziSpace Transplant
C&B Machinery Kept from Offshoring
Caesarstone Transplant
Calibowl Reshoring
Calibur11 Reshoring
Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd. Transplant
Canadian Solar, Inc. Transplant
Cannon Spring & Racecraft Reshoring
Capitaine Frank Transplant
Carbonite Reshoring
Carbonite Reshoring
Carlisle Companies Reshoring
Carol Gregg Reshoring
Carolina Cotton Works Kept from Offshoring
Cascades Tissue Group Transplant
Case I-H Kept from Offshoring
Caterpillar - GA Reshoring
Caterpillar - IL Reshoring
Caterpillar - IN Reshoring
Caterpillar - TX Reshoring
Celebriducks Reshoring
Celebriducks Reshoring
Central Virginia Manufacturing Kept from Offshoring
Cepheid Kept from Offshoring
CertoPlast Transplant
CF Industries Kept from Offshoring
Chamberlain Group Inc. Reshoring
CharlieDog and Friends Reshoring
Chesapeake Bay Candle Reshoring
Chevrolet - MD Kept from Offshoring
Chevrolet - Mexico Reshoring
Chevron Kept from Offshoring
Chiappa Transplant
Chobani - ID Kept from Offshoring
Chobani - NY Kept from Offshoring
Chrysler - Mexico Reshoring
Chrysler (Multicraft) Reshoring
cinda b Kept from Offshoring
Circle Gear and Machine Co., Inc. Reshoring
Cirrus Pharmaceuticals Transplant
Cisco Systems Reshoring
citim AM Transplant
Cleveland CycleWerks Reshoring
Club Monaco Reshoring
CN Wire Corp. Transplant
Cnooc Transplant
Coleman Co. Reshoring
Collegiate Beads Reshoring
Colorado Flexible Heaters Reshoring
Columbia Marking Tools Reshoring
Commscope Reshoring
Comprehensive Logistics Co. Reshoring
Cone Denim Kept from Offshoring
Continental AG Transplant
Continental Motors Transplant
Continental Tire Transplant
Contract Sew & Repair Kept from Offshoring
Control Devices, LLC Reshoring
Conveyorized Solutions Reshoring
Core Products International Inc. Reshoring
Cotton Babies Reshoring
Cotton Incorporated Kept from Offshoring
Coville Inc. Kept from Offshoring
CP Lab Safety Reshoring
Crawford Furniture Reshoring
Creation Technologies Kept from Offshoring
Creative Things Reshoring
Crown Battery Reshoring
Cryoquip Manufacturing Kept from Offshoring
D'Addario - Kept from Offshoring Kept from Offshoring
D'Addario - Reshoring Reshoring
Dalen Products Inc. Reshoring
Dalton Dynamics Corp. Transplant
Dassault Transplant
Datacard Reshoring
Davis Tool Kept from Offshoring
Dazor Manufacturing Corp. Reshoring
Dearborn Overhead Crane Kept from Offshoring
Defy Mfg. Co. Kept from Offshoring
Dell Reshoring
Delta Air Lines inc. Reshoring
Dendoff Springs Reshoring
DENSO Air Systems Transplant
DESA Heating Reshoring
Detroit Bikes Kept from Offshoring
Dewalt Reshoring
Diagnostic Devices Inc. Reshoring
Dialog Direct Reshoring
Dicastal North America Inc. Transplant
Dillard's Dept Store Reshoring
Diving Unlimited International Reshoring
DK Diagnostics Transplant
Dobbin Kept from Offshoring
Dodge Reshoring
Doran Jones Reshoring
Dow Chemical Kept from Offshoring
Downtown Decorations, Inc. Reshoring
Dr. Fresh Reshoring
Draexlmaier Automotive of America Transplant
Dunn and Company Reshoring
E-Z-Go Reshoring
Eagle Creek Software Services Kept from Offshoring
Eagle Tool US Kept from Offshoring
EaglePicher Technologies Reshoring
Eberspaecher Transplant
Ebonite Reshoring
Echelon Snowboards Reshoring
ECI Biotech Kept from Offshoring
Eclipse Automation, Inc. Transplant
Eimskip Transplant
Elan-Polo Reshoring
Electrolux - NC Transplant
Electrolux - SC Transplant
Electrolux - TN Transplant
Electronic Sheetmetal Craftsmen, Inc. Kept from Offshoring
Element Electronics - MI Reshoring
Element Electronics - SC Reshoring
Embraer S.A. Transplant
Embraer S.A. - R&D Transplant
Emerson Electric Reshoring
Empire Level Manufacturing Corporation Kept from Offshoring
Encana Transplant
Energid Technologies Reshoring
Ennovea Reshoring
Enor Corp Reshoring
Enser Corporation Kept from Offshoring
Enve Composites Kept from Offshoring
Environmental StoneWorks Kept from Offshoring
Epson Kept from Offshoring
ESAB Kept from Offshoring
Escatec Reshoring
Essar Global Ltd. Transplant
ET Water Systems Reshoring
Ethan Allen Kept from Offshoring
Euphrates, Inc. Transplant
Eva Franco Kept from Offshoring
Evert-Fresh Kept from Offshoring
EveryWare Global Reshoring
ExOne Kept from Offshoring
Exotic Metals Forming Company Kept from Offshoring Reshoring
Extra Transplant
Exxel Outdoors Reshoring
Exxon Mobil Corp. Kept from Offshoring
Fables by Barrie Reshoring
Fage USA Dairy Industry, Inc. Transplant
farm2fashion Kept from Offshoring
Farouk Systems Reshoring
Faurecia Transplant
Felix Schoeller Transplant
Fellowes Inc. Reshoring
Firestone Home Products Reshoring
Firstronic Reshoring
Fiveloaves twofish Reshoring
Flambeau Kept from Offshoring
Flextronic Inc. - CA Reshoring
Flextronics - CA 2 Reshoring
Flextronics (Apple) Reshoring
Fluortubing USA Transplant
Foamiture Kept from Offshoring
Focal Upright Reshoring
Footwear Industries Tennessee Transplant
Ford - 2010 - MW Reshoring
Ford - MI Reshoring
Ford - NY Reshoring
Ford - OH Reshoring
Ford - OH Reshoring
Forma Apparel Manufacturing Kept from Offshoring
FormFactor Reshoring
Formosa Plastics Group Transplant
Foxconn - CA Transplant
Foxconn - PA Transplant
FPI Thermoplastic Technologies Kept from Offshoring
Fredrich Boysen GmbH Transplant
FRULACT Transplant
Full Petential Reshoring
Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co. Transplant
GE - 2010 - KY Reshoring
GE - CA Kept from Offshoring
GE - IL Reshoring
GE - IT - MI Kept from Offshoring
GE - KY Reshoring
GE - NY Reshoring
GE - OH Reshoring
GE Aviation Reshoring
Generac Power Systems Reshoring
Genicon Reshoring
Georgia Chopsticks Kept from Offshoring
Gestamp South Carolina LLC Transplant
Giti Tire Transplant
Glenmark Transplant
Global Industries Kept from Offshoring
Global Sticks Inc. Reshoring
GlobalFoundries Transplant
GM Reshoring
GM Kept from Offshoring
GM - IN Reshoring
GM - TN Reshoring
Golden Dragon Transplant
Goodyear Kept from Offshoring
Google Reshoring
Gracious Living Corp. Transplant
Grayling Industries Reshoring
Gree Electric Appliances Transplant
Green Circle Bio Energy Inc. Kept from Offshoring
Green Leaf, Inc. Reshoring
Green Toys Kept from Offshoring
GreenTech Automotive Kept from Offshoring
Ground Water Rescue Reshoring
Grupo FerroAtlßntica Transplant
GSH Industries Reshoring
GT Advanced Technologies Reshoring
Guidepoint Systems Reshoring
GW Plastics Reshoring
Haier Group Transplant
Haifa Group Transplant
HALDRUP USA Transplant
Halla Visteon Climate Controls Transplant
Hamilton Shirts Kept from Offshoring
Hampton Products Reshoring
Handful Reshoring
Hankook Transplant
Hanna's Candle Company Kept from Offshoring
Harbec Inc. Kept from Offshoring
Haso Ltd. Transplant
Hayward Pool Kept from Offshoring
Hedstrom Plastics Reshoring
Heinz Reshoring
Heirloom Collection Kept from Offshoring
Hentz Manufacturing LLC Kept from Offshoring
Hercules Networks Reshoring
Heritage Glass Kept from Offshoring
Herman Miller Reshoring
HessAire Reshoring
Hiawatha Rubber Co. Reshoring
Hickey Freeman Tailored Clothing Reshoring
Home Depot Reshoring
Home Shopping Network Reshoring
Honda - 2011 Transplant
Honda - 2014 Transplant
Honda - IN Transplant
Honda - OH Transplant
Horton Archery Reshoring
Horween Leather Company Kept from Offshoring
Host Analytics Reshoring
HP Kept from Offshoring
Hubbardton Forge Reshoring
Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group Transplant
Huf North America Automotive Parts Transplant
Hurst Reshoring
Hy-Lite Reshoring
Hypertherm Kept from Offshoring
Hytrol Kept from Offshoring
I-Con Systems Reshoring
i-lighting Reshoring
Iberdrola - AZ Transplant
Iberdrola - CO Transplant
IBM Reshoring
IKEA Transplant
Ilapak Transplant
Ilkare Kept from Offshoring
Imagineering Reshoring
Independence LED Reshoring
innoBots Transplant
InPro Corp. Reshoring
Intel - AZ Kept from Offshoring
Intel - OR Kept from Offshoring
Interroll Transplant
Intertech Plastics Reshoring
Intex Technologies Kept from Offshoring
Ipsen Transplant
iRT Wheels Reshoring
Isofoton Transplant
J. Crew Kept from Offshoring
JA Solar Transplant
Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. Reshoring
Jarden Reshoring
Jarden Plastic Solutions Reshoring
Jatco Reshoring
JDS Uniphase Reshoring
Jeanette Specialty Glass Kept from Offshoring
JN Fibers Inc. Transplant
Jolie and Elizabeth Kept from Offshoring
Joseph Abboud Kept from Offshoring
Jotul Transplant
JS Karaoke Reshoring
JTEKT Corporation Transplant
Jyoti Structures Transplant
K'nex Reshoring
K'nex - Lincoln Logs Reshoring
Karen Kane Reshoring
Karges Furniture Co. Kept from Offshoring
Keats Southwest Reshoring
Keen Footware Reshoring
Keer Group Transplant
Kenai Sports Reshoring
Kennedy Valve Reshoring
Kent Bicycles Reshoring
Kermit Tile USA Transplant
KI – 2009 Reshoring
KI – 2010 Reshoring
Kia Transplant
Knox Machinery Reshoring
Kohler Co. - SC Kept from Offshoring
Kohler Co. - TX Kept from Offshoring
Kohler Co. - WI Kept from Offshoring
Komo Machine Reshoring
Kone Reshoring
Kool Aid Reshoring
Korhani Reshoring
Korona Candles Transplant
KraussMaffei Group Transplant
Kryton Engineered Metals, Inc. Reshoring
Kumho Tire USA Inc. Transplant
LA Aluminum Reshoring
Lamplight Reshoring
Leaktite Kept from Offshoring
LEDS America Reshoring
Lenovo Transplant
Lenox Reshoring
Leviton Network Solutions Reshoring
Lifeloc Reshoring
Lighting OEM Inc. Reshoring
LightSaver Technologies Reshoring
Lilliputian Systems Kept from Offshoring
Lincolnton Furniture Company Reshoring
Linda Bean's Perfect Maine Kept from Offshoring
Lindenburg Industry LLC Transplant
Linita Design Transplant
Little Tikes Reshoring
Live Lobster Co. Kept from Offshoring
Lodge Cast Iron Kept from Offshoring
Lollicup USA, Inc. Reshoring
Long-Stanton Manufacturing Co. Reshoring
Louis Hornick & Company Reshoring
Lucky Jeans Reshoring
Lufthansa Technik Transplant
Luke's Lobster Kept from Offshoring
LyondellBasell Kept from Offshoring
M-Wave International Reshoring
Macro Sensors Kept from Offshoring
Mag Industries Kept from Offshoring
MagLite Kept from Offshoring
Magna International Reshoring
Maine Fair Trade Lobster Kept from Offshoring
Mando America Transplant
Mannington Commercial Reshoring
Mansfield Plumbing Kept from Offshoring
Mantra Information Services Reshoring
Manufacture New York Kept from Offshoring
Marlin Steel Wire Products Reshoring
Marmen Energy Transplant
Mars Inc. Reshoring
Martin Greenfield Clothiers Kept from Offshoring
Martinrea Transplant
Master Lock Reshoring
Master Lock Reshoring
Matrix Packaging Reshoring
Maxx Sunglasses Reshoring
Mazzetta Co. Kept from Offshoring
Mega Brands Reshoring
Menck USA Inc. Transplant
Mercedes-Benz Transplant
Merck Animal Health Reshoring
Metem Corp. Kept from Offshoring
Meter Bearings Group Transplant
Methanex Transplant
Method Transplant
Miasa Automotive LLC Transplant
Michelin Transplant
Michigan Ladder Co. Reshoring
Miller Manufacturing Co. Reshoring
Mindtree Transplant
Mistic Reshoring
Mitchell Metal Products – 2009 Reshoring
Mitchell Metal Products – 2010 Reshoring
Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc. Transplant
Mitsubishi Nuclear Energy Systems Transplant
Mohawk Home Reshoring
MonoSol LLC Transplant Kept from Offshoring
Morey Corporation Reshoring
Morinaga America Foods, Inc. Transplant
Morio Denki Transplant
Motorola Solutions Reshoring
Motorola/Flextronics Reshoring
MRPC Reshoring
Mullican Flooring Reshoring
Multicraft International Reshoring
Music Computing Kept from Offshoring
NatLabs (National Prosthetic Dental Labs) Reshoring
Navistar International Corp. Reshoring
NBS Kept from Offshoring
NCR Reshoring
Neovision Technology Reshoring
Nester Hosiery Kept from Offshoring
Networkfleet Kept from Offshoring
Neutex Advanced Energy Group Reshoring
New Balance Kept from Offshoring
New England Footwear Reshoring
New Grand Ocean International Transplant
New Lab Kept from Offshoring
New Ridge LLC Transplant
Next Level LLC Kept from Offshoring
Nike Reshoring
Nippon Sharyo Manufacturing Transplant
Nissan - MS Transplant
Nissan - TN Transplant
No Nonsense -TN Reshoring
No Nonsense - NC Reshoring
NOHMs Technologies Inc. Kept from Offshoring
Nomiku Reshoring
Nordson Corp Reshoring
NORRES Transplant
Northern Woolen Mills Kept from Offshoring
NovaSom Inc. Kept from Offshoring
NOVO 1 Reshoring
NPI Medical Reshoring
Nucor Kept from Offshoring
O'Neal Manufacturing Services Reshoring
Octal Petrochemicals Transplant
Oemeta Transplant
OFabz Swimwear Kept from Offshoring
Offsite Networks Reshoring
OIL India, Indian Oil Corp. Transplant
Olevia Reshoring
OMA SUD Transplant
Oorja Fuel Cells Reshoring
Oracle Reshoring
Orascom Transplant
Otis Elevator Reshoring
OtterBox Reshoring
Ottobock Transplant
Outdoor GreatRoom Co. Reshoring
Owens Corning Kept from Offshoring
Oxnard Pallet Co. Kept from Offshoring
OYO Sportstoys Reshoring
P.A.M.A. Furniture Reshoring
Paccar Reshoring
Pace Industries Kept from Offshoring
Pacific Handy Cutter Reshoring
Pacific Industries Transplant
Panasonic Transplant
Panyl Kept from Offshoring
Parkdale Mills Kept from Offshoring
ParkTool Reshoring
Parsons Co. Kept from Offshoring
Peerless Industries, Inc. Reshoring
Pequea Machine Inc. Reshoring
Philips Transplant
Philips Lighting Transplant
Pierrepont Hicks Kept from Offshoring
Pigtronix Reshoring
Plaid Enterprises Reshoring
Plasan Carbon Composites Transplant
Point6 Reshoring
Polymera, Inc. Reshoring
PolyTech Fibers LLC Kept from Offshoring
PolyTech Plastic Molding Reshoring
Poppy von Frohlich Kept from Offshoring
Portwest LLC Transplant
Powin Corp. Reshoring
Precision Extrusion Inc. Reshoring
Presair Reshoring Reshoring
Pride Manufacturing Reshoring
Production Castings, Inc Reshoring
Project Repeat Kept from Offshoring
PRUF LED Reshoring
Pulse Plastics Reshoring
QSI Kept from Offshoring
Quality Float Works Inc. Reshoring
Quick Fitting, Inc. Reshoring
Quirky Reshoring
Raleigh Denim Kept from Offshoring
Ralph Lauren - 2013 Reshoring
Ralph Lauren - 2014 Reshoring
Raytheon Kept from Offshoring
Reading Truck Body Reshoring
Ready Seafood Kept from Offshoring
Redman & Associates Reshoring
Regal Ware Inc. Reshoring
Rehau, Inc. Transplant
Reliance Worldwide Corp. Transplant
Renegade Materials Kept from Offshoring
Renfro Kept from Offshoring
Renfro - AL Reshoring
ResTech Plastic Molding Reshoring
Rethink Robots Kept from Offshoring
Reverie Reshoring
RF Micro Devices Reshoring
Rhythmlink International LLC Transplant
RibbedTee Reshoring
Ridgeline Energy Services Inc. Transplant
Rocket EMS Inc. Kept from Offshoring
Roger Corp. Reshoring
Rolls-Royce - 2007 Transplant
Rolls-Royce - 2011 Transplant
Rolls-Royce - 2014 Transplant
Round House Manufacturing Kept from Offshoring
ROXUL, Inc. Transplant
Royal Dutch Shell Transplant
Royal Park USA Kept from Offshoring
Sallie Mae Reshoring
Samsung Transplant
Samsung - ONT Transplant
Santa Barbara Umbrella Kept from Offshoring
Santa Cruz Bicycles Kept from Offshoring
Santa's Own Reshoring
Sanyo Transplant
Sasol Transplant
Sauder Reshoring
SB Manufacturing Reshoring
School House Reshoring
Schott Bros. Inc. Kept from Offshoring
Scott Electronics Kept from Offshoring
Scovill Fasteners Inc. Reshoring
Sea Hag Seafood Kept from Offshoring
SeaMicro Kept from Offshoring
Seesmart Inc. Reshoring
Selected Furniture Reshoring
SentrySafe Reshoring
Seung Chang Airtek Inc. Transplant
SG Mills Transplant
Shandon Tralin Paper Transplant
Shandong Swan USA Transplant
Shantui Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. Transplant
Shapes by Brenda June Kept from Offshoring
Shapeways Kept from Offshoring
Shepherd Thermoforming Reshoring
Sherex Fastening Solutions Reshoring
Shinola Kept from Offshoring
Shrivallabh Pittie Group Transplant
Shuck's Lobster Kept from Offshoring
SIEL SpA Transplant
Siemens Transplant
Siemens USA Transplant
Silcotech Transplant
Silevo Reshoring
Siro Group USA Transplant
SKF Group Transplant
SL Corporation Transplant
Sleek Audio Reshoring
Slingshot Bikes Reshoring
Smart Step Kept from Offshoring
Smith's Products Reshoring
Snap-on Kept from Offshoring
Software Assurance, LLC Reshoring
Solar World Kept from Offshoring
Solvay Transplant
Source Bits Reshoring
Southern Motion Furniture Kept from Offshoring
Spectrum Plastics Group Kept from Offshoring
St. Martin Cabinetry of America Transplant
Stanley Electric U.S. Company Inc. Kept from Offshoring
Stanley Furniture Reshoring
Starbucks Reshoring
Startup Box Reshoring
Stoke Inc. Kept from Offshoring
Suarez Manufacturing Reshoring
Suhr Industries Reshoring
Sundance Energy Reshoring
SunPower Corp. Reshoring
Sunstar America Inc. Reshoring
Suntron Reshoring
Superior Essex Reshoring
Sussex IM Reshoring
SyncFab Kept from Offshoring
Syntax-Brillian Reshoring
Tabula Kept from Offshoring
TAC Manufacturing Transplant
Tacony Corporation Reshoring
Taesung Alabama Transplant
Tailor Made Products Reshoring
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Transplant
Taizhou Fuling Plastics Transplant
Tang Energy Group - Proposed Transplant
TanTec Transplant
Taphandles Reshoring
Tasus Corp. Transplant
TDC Cutting Tools Transplant
Team Technologies Reshoring
Tecumseh Kept from Offshoring
Terex Kept from Offshoring
Terryberry Reshoring
Tesla Motors Kept from Offshoring
Tesla Motors Reshoring
Texas Instruments Reshoring
The Beadery Kept from Offshoring
The Richelieu Group - 2011 Transplant
The Richelieu Group - 2014/Walmart Transplant
The Vollrath Co. Reshoring
Thomasville Furniture Reshoring
Thompson Tee Kept from Offshoring
Thrustmaster Reshoring
ThyssenKrupp AG Transplant
ThyssenKrupp Bilsten Transplant
Tianjin Pipe Group - 2012 Transplant
Tianjin Pipe Group - 2014 Transplant
Todd Shelton Kept from Offshoring
Tognum Transplant
Toner Plastics Kept from Offshoring
Top-Eastern Group Transplant
Torcomp Transplant
Tornik Kept from Offshoring
Toshiba Industrial Transplant
Tote Buddy Reshoring
Toter Kept from Offshoring
Toto, Ltd. Transplant
Toydozer Reshoring
Toyo Tires Transplant
Toyota - IN Transplant
Toyota - KY Transplant
Toyota - MO Transplant
Toyota - MS Transplant
Toyota - TN Transplant
Toyota - TX Transplant
Toyota - WV Transplant
Tradlands Kept from Offshoring
Tree Armor Reshoring
Trelleborg Wheel Systems Transplant
Trellis Earth Reshoring
Trident Case Reshoring
TRUMPF Inc. Transplant
Trupart Manufacturing Kept from Offshoring
Tullahoma Industries Kept from Offshoring
Twinlab Consolidated Holdings Inc. Kept from Offshoring
U.S. Block Windows Reshoring
U.S. Home Systems Kept from Offshoring
U.S. Ski Pole Company Reshoring
U.S. Steel Reshoring
Ultra Green Packaging Reshoring
Under Armour Reshoring
Unilife Reshoring
Unionwear Kept from Offshoring
Uniscite Transplant
UniTao Pharmaceuticals LLC Transplant
United States Dinnerware Kept from Offshoring
Universal Plastics Kept from Offshoring
Uzin Utz Transplant
Vallourec Transplant
Valmeira Glass Transplant
Vaniman Manufacturing Reshoring
Vaughan-Bassett Kept from Offshoring
VEKA Transplant
Vermont Castings Reshoring
Vestas Wind Systems Transplant
Vestas Wind Systems - 2010 Transplant
Viega Transplant
Virtusa Corp. Kept from Offshoring
Vision Technical Molding Kept from Offshoring
Voestalpine Transplant
Volkswagen Transplant
Volkswagen 2014 Transplant
Vollrath Reshoring
Vossloh AG Transplant
Wanxiang Transplant
Warrior Sports Reshoring
Wearbest Sil-Tex Kept from Offshoring
Weather-Tech Reshoring
Welded Tube Transplant
Wetekam Monofilaments Transplant
WEXCO Industries Reshoring
Wham-o Reshoring
Whirlpool - OH 1 Reshoring
Whirlpool - OH 2 Kept from Offshoring
Whirlpool - TN Kept from Offshoring
Whirlpool – OH Reshoring
Whitcraft Kept from Offshoring
White Cloud Reshoring
Wilco Reshoring
Wild Things, LLC Kept from Offshoring
Williams Kept from Offshoring
WindStream Technologies Reshoring
Wonder Loom Reshoring
Woodcraft Industries Transplant
Wright Engineered Plastics Reshoring
Wrigley Co. - Altoids Reshoring
Wrigley Co. - Lifesavers Reshoring
Xerox Corp. Reshoring
Xerox Corp. Kept from Offshoring
xobruno Kept from Offshoring
Yamaha Transplant
Yaskawa Electric Transplant
Yiliy Kept from Offshoring
Yingli Green Energy Transplant
Yokohama Tire Corp. Transplant
Yuhuang Chemical Transplant
ZeeVee Reshoring
Zeman Manufacturing Co. Kept from Offshoring
Zentech Manufacturing Reshoring
Zentek Clothing Kept from Offshoring
ZF Friedrichshafen AG Transplant
Zhejiang Walt Technologies Transplant
Zipp Kept from Offshoring