Monday, June 23, 2014

Reshoring Initiative June 2014 Newsletter

In the News

Surveys reveal data on reshoring trend
The Entrada Group conducted a single blind study and found “Re-shoring getting more attention by the day.” Some of the conclusions they found:
  • 62% of respondents rank the United States and Mexico ahead of China now as top “low-cost” manufacturing locations
  • Offshore cost savings are not always realized — companies that expanded to a “low-cost manufacturing location” achieved their goals to a large extent only half of the time, with half of them realizing just moderate savings or worse.
The MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation announced recently that it has launched its 2014 global manufacturing survey. To participate, click here. The survey will follow up on the 2012 survey and report with Supply Chain Digest, "U.S. Re-shoring: A Turning Point."