Friday, December 12, 2014

Has your company reshored? Make sure you are in the Reshoring Initiative's database

RI has data on over 800 companies that have chosen to manufacture in the U.S. over low labor cost countries. If your company has brought to North America any work (products, components, tools, etc.), please check our list and update the data on your company or direct us to someone who could do so. 

To see if your company is already in the database, look here. 

If it is, email us to request a spreadsheet of your full data to the review and edit. If your company is not yet listed, tell us about your reshoring experience: please download a short questionnaire, fill out, and return to be included in our upcoming 2015 reshoring trends report. (Alternatively, give us a call, we are available to talk! (917) 309-6631.)

For free PR, and to help spread the word, submit your company in our Case Studies feature.

The Reshoring Initiative keeps track of all data involved in the reshoring trend, both through our Library of published articles, and by talking to companies directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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