Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 2014 Reshoring News: Reshoring at IMTS

IMTS 2014









Evaluate Technology and Reshoring at IMTS

For the first time in decades, new reshoring is at least balancing new offshoring: the U.S. is now reshoring about 50,000 mfg. jobs/year. Let's make it 100,000 in 2015! IMTS exhibitors can help you find the technology you need to reduce manufacturing costs. Our Harry Moser will be available at seven events at IMTS to help you calculate how much reshoring reduces your overhead costs. See the Reshoring Initiative's IMTS Schedule.

Trying to Decide Whether to Invest in the U.S. or Source Offshore?

The relative ROI on investing in the U.S. is much higher if you consider all of the costs of offshoring instead of just the ex-works price.  Use the free Total Cost of Ownership Estimator™ to make the best sourcing decision.

            Total Cost of Ownership [TCO]: noun 1. A method that quantifies
            all the costs, risks and strategic impacts of offshoring or reshoring.
            2. A more accurate sourcing approach than PPV (Purchase Price Variance).
            3. An excellent sales tool when competing against imports.

Visit the Reshoring Initiative Sponsors at IMTS

Support from the following companies has made the Reshoring Initiative the leading force in reshoring. Thank them for helping us bring jobs and manufacturing back to the U.S. by visiting their booths at IMTS!

As always, thanks for your support.

Harry Moser - Reshoring Initiative (847) 726-2975

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