Saturday, March 8, 2014

Reshoring Initiative February 2014 Newsletter

Expanding Horizons

The Reshoring Initiative is succeeding in both of its goals: to increase awareness and to implement action and change.

Since the December 2013 Newsletter, we have been contracted to advise on implementing reshoring strategies for Mississippi and Pennsylvania and for two large corporations.

In addition, Harry Moser was added to the editorial advisory board of Product Design & Development and to Ask the Experts at Industry Week.

On Sept 9, 2013, Harry Moser was one of the lead ins for Jay Leno at Dematic's Material Handling and Logistics Conference. That morning he presented "Welcome Back! - America Rethinks Its Offshoring Strategies."

Harry will be speaking in a Deloitte Reshoring Dbrief. Deloitte, one of the top audit and consulting firms, is anticipating 1,500+ attendees for this free webinar.

In the News

Industry Journals Rank Reshoring High on the List of Important Trends:
  • The Rise of "Reshoring" in America is # 1 in Motley Fool's report on: 7 Manufacturing Trends You Must Watch in 2014.
  • In Industry Week's Top Stories for 2013, Reshoring and the use of Total Cost of Ownership came in at #5.
  • reported Reshoring as #2 trend in 2013, based on a combination of performance metrics and importance to the industry as a whole.
  • reports Reshoring, Made in America, and Innovation among top hot business news of 2013.
  • A Grant Thornton survey concludes: Reshoring likely to radically reshape U.S. economy in next year. "In all, 37% of businesses are likely or very likely to bring goods and services work back to the United States ‹ and/or a similar percentage are moving work closer to home (e.g. Mexico, Latin America). This means that as much as 5% overall U.S. procurement may come home. The huge numbers could dramatically impact U.S. trade balances ‹ and should provide an enormous boost to domestic manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers/distributors and service providers."

Even the Accountants are Interested!

CFO Channel highlighted Reshoring News by featuring their own piece, "Is the U.S. doing enough to bring jobs back home?" as well as three other Reshoring Initiative informational videos on their homepage, from: Modern Machine Shop, IBS User Forum, and IMTSTV.


Momentum of the Trend Continues to Grow

The Reshoring Initiative has been referenced by an increasing number of publications, including most recently:


Upcoming 2014 Events

A complete list of upcoming Reshoring Initiative appearances can be found on the Upcoming Events page.


Reshoring Resources

We need your help to make reshoring more than a trend. Please consider posting a link to the Reshoring Initiative on your website, and/or donating your time, talent or dollars. You can download our logo at the website. Contact us for more information on how you can help.

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