Wednesday, February 19, 2014


1.              1.  Reshoring Trend:
a.     This table gives a good overview of the trends in reshoring and offshoring.   Reshoring and offshoring are now about in balance.  The bleeding has stopped.

Manufacturing Jobs / Year

% Change
Feasible 2016
New offshoring *
- 70%
New reshoring
+ 1,500 %
Net reshoring
*Estimated / ** Calculated

b.   Reshoring’s share of manufacturing job growth since Jan. 2010:
     Job growth: ≈550,000
     Reshored jobs: ≈120,000
     Reshoring % of total: ≈20%
     Number of companies added to the list of reshorers in 2013: about 100
c.     First ever Reshoring Summit
d.     Reshoring Initiative LinkedIn Group up to 759 members
2.              Reshoring Initiative:
     a.     Accomplishments:
          1)     Presentations, TV, radio, webinars, etc.: 80.
          2)     Partner with Miss. State Univ. in U.S. funded Make it in America Challenge.
          3)     Convinced U.S. Department of Labor to change the title and notes on key BLS website to put less focus on degrees and more on training as a path to a career.
          4)     Won The Economist Jan 2013 online written reshoring/offshoring debate vs. renowned Columbia University Prof. Bhagwati.
          5)     Newsletter distributed to 11,500: 4 times, up from 2 times in 2012.
          6)     Library:
          §  Totally redesigned to collect cases on a company basis instead of an article basis. 
          Will dramatically increase our reshoring trend data accuracy.
          §  When fully loaded, article count will be up from 425 as of 12/31/12 to about 800.
  7)     Demonstrated the universal nature of our tools and logic:
          §  Presentations in Netherlands (4) and Canada;
          §  On TV in 2 or 3 other countries (plus 4X in U.S.)
          §  Quoted in articles in many countries
          §  Working with groups in France, Netherlands, Canada and Italy.
   8)     Commerce Department launched a major site, ACE, providing useful data for making decisions re offshoring vs. reshoring.  The Initiative is mentioned 3 times and is linked from the site.
   9)     Online comments posted: 100
  10)   Social Media
          §  LinkedIn: about 1,500 postings      
          §  Twitter:   4,500 tweets, 1,062 followers
          §  Pinterest page created
  11)   Published articles written by the Initiative: 10
  12)   Wrote the Reshoring chapter in ReMaking America, published by AAM (Alliance for American Manufacturing)
  13)   Website traffic up 50% to 30,405 unique visitors
  14)   Will complete by 12/31/13 or January, 2014, a study that summarizes the results of 10 surveys of consumer preference for Made in America products.  Will publish in various forms (500 to 7,000 words) to motivate production and retailing of more Made in America products.  Will then encourage retailers to test the impact of Made in America promotions and signage to progress from surveys to reality.
  15)   Developed ppt deck with slides on 144 company cases of reshoring.  Will post.
  16)   Provided the reshoring white paper in a document that the International Economic Policy Group will present to the White House
b.     Activities:
   1)     Attended Walmart’s U.S. Manufacturing Summit.  Providing advice to one company.
   2)     Attended U.S. Commerce Dept.’s SelectUSA Investment Summit
   3)     Selected to participate in three teams working on improving the skilled manufacturing workforce:
  §  National Academies of Sciences and Engineering
  §  Manufacturing Institute/Clinton Global Initiative
  §  AME (Association for Manufacturing Excellence)
  4)  For economic development groups, developed reshoring and workforce recruitment programs
c.     Organizational improvements:
   1)     Finalized and submitted IRS 1023 application for 501c3 status
   2)     Bylaws finalized and approved
   3)     Added to the board: Melissa Kline-Skavlem, COO of Gardner Business Media
   4)     Team expanded to include four part time members:
          §  Millar Kelley: Library design and maintenance, Newsletter, co-author of articles
          §  Sandy Montalbano: LinkedIn, search for reshoring articles, posting comments on article sources.
          §  Mary Moser: accounting and travel
          §  Audrey Farber: Library, research and report on consumer preference for Made in America article, case study slide production
d.     Challenges for 2014 include:  develop more reference TCO users, update TCO Estimator software, update statistics from TCO database and from Library, expand high level sponsor base.

Harry Moser
Founder and President
Reshoring Initiative

Updated: July 28, 2014.

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